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A garage is one of the most versatile structures you can own, because it can be used to house vehicles, provide additional storage, or be converted into a workshop, guest quarters, or a home office. A new garage will enhance your property value, and provide you with years of practical use from your one-time investment. Find out what garage construction Charlton will cost by getting estimates from the pre-approved contractors in our extended network.
When it comes to garage construction, you have a multitude of choices, ranging from concrete, wood, metal or even vinyl. You can also make your garage as simple or elaborate as you desire, adding plumbing, electricity or heating and air conditioning to allow you year-round use. The good news is that garages tend to cost less to build per area than houses do, so you can have all the features you desire at a price that is well within your budget.
Benefits of Adding a Garage to Your Charlton Property While a garage can certainly improve the overall value of your home, there are other benefits associated with building a garage that can affect you right away.
  • A garage offers protection for your vehicles against damage from inclement weather and other debris.
  • It protects from Wintry precipitation, which means you won't need to remove ice and snow from your car during the Winter.
  • Garages often double as storage spaces, which can free up more liveable space inside your home.
  • Building a garage can lower your car insurance rates. Most companies provide significant discounts for garage-kept vehicles.
Do Garages Make Good Investments? Most Charlton homeowners and potential home buyers can appreciate a garage. It provides extra storage outside of the main living space, and it provides a shelter for vehicles to keep them out of the snow, ice, and other inclement weather. This can extend the life of your vehicle significantly, and it can certainly provide convenience on cold, snowy days. Whether a garage is a good investment depends on how valuable it is to you, as the homeowner, and whether garages are in high demand among buyers in your local area.
Matching Your Home Exterior: One of the concerns among Charlton homeowners who consider adding garages is whether the new addition will match the current exterior of their homes. In most cases, contractors can utilise the same materials when building your garage, which means the completed project will look like it has always been a part of your home. Some exceptions may apply, and this is especially true if your home is made with brick or stone that is no longer obtainable. In this case, the contractors will provide you with options for making your garage as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You may even find that local regulations dictate that your new garage must match the finish of your home.
Charlton garage construction costsCharlton Garage Construction Costs: Typical Charlton garage construction costs will depend a great deal on the size of the structure you choose. Metal buildings are the least expensive to construct, followed by wood and concrete. Even though concrete costs more, it is also more durable, and will require less maintenance. Adding "extras" such as electricity, plumbing or automatic garage door openers will increase the cost of your project as well. Other expenses you might incur are building permits and the cost of an inspection, if required.

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Your Charlton garage construction questions answered
  • How much can I expect to pay to build a garage? The price will vary depending on the type and size of garage you wish to build. A basic 1 car prefabricated concrete garage will usually cost approximately 4,500. More complicated or extravagant construction will obviously cost more.
  • Do I need to obtain planning permissions before construction begins? For a project like this, the answer is usually yes, but it is always a good idea to check with your local planning office to find out if you actually need to pay for planning permissions for garage construction.
  • Can I build a one-car garage now and add onto it later? Yes, although doing so will cost more than it would to build two separate one-car garages. If there's a chance you'll need a bigger garage later, we recommend going ahead and building a larger one to start with.
  • Will I need a special permit? If you live within city limits, chances are good that you'll need permission from your local planning office. If you live in a rural area, though, you may be free to build a garage of any size as long as it meets building codes set forth by the UK. It's always best to check in advance of any works commencing.
  • Why would I build an unattached garage? Most unattached garages are built to house equipment other than vehicles. They're typically smaller and they contain things like lawnmowers, tractors, garden tools, bicycles, and more. An unattached garage may still house your car, but it's more difficult to control the climate, and you'll still need to go outdoors to get to your vehicle.
  • How large can my new garage be? The only real limit to the size of your garage is the size of your property and the building regulations in your area. You may choose to build a garage large enough for one car, or you may choose to build one large enough to hold several cars, a boat, and still provide extra storage space. Remember that costs increase with size, however.
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